I absolutly surprised myself at my first painting class! I went in all nervous about what i would actually produce and wow! I can actually paint! I love the step by step help, the conversation with the other amazing women who attend and the confidence that Melissa has in you from the start. I cant wait to do more pictures and hate that i will be leaving soon! Thank you for your great classes, i highly recommend them!
— Victoria Fraser - First Time Blu Moon Student

 About the Business

Blu Moon Art Studio is a mobile business specializing in teaching acrylic painting and cake decorating classes in the Fort Irwin, CA area.

Our main focus and goals:

  • provide a valuable and inclusive environment for people to learn new skills

  • provide an exciting event for the local community

  • support accomplishment, personal growth and community connection through art making

We specialize in working with BEGINNERS! No need to have painting or cake decorating experience to join us in class.

I have done a lot of classes with Melissa and have loved every minute of them! Melissa is a wonderful person and instructor. she also offers paint at home kits and online downloads. I recommend her 10 out of 10!!
— Suzy Trude - Painting Student


Q: “I’ve never painted or decorated a cake before. Is it hard?”

A: Learning new skills is all about mindset and being positive. My honest answer is that learning any new skill is going to be a challenge, but if you are optimistic, the process will be fun and exciting. I make it my top priority during classes to answer questions, help each student as needed and make sure all step-by-step instruction is clear and helpful. The best part about taking classes is that you get better with each one, and I am here to make the process of learning enjoyable and fulfilling for you.

Q: “I have never been good at art. Are these classes for me?”

A: YES!! I absolutely love teaching students who have little experience. You are a clean slate ready to soak up lots of new knowledge and skills. Join us and discover ways to grow your new skill set.

Q: “What makes Blu Moon Art Studio classes different from similar classes I have taken in the past?”

A: Firstly, your instructor is highly experienced. Melissa is a trained artist and cake designer, having earned 2 Fine Art Degrees, plus 10 years professional experience in cake design and 8+ years professional experience teaching students of all ages.

Secondly, you will be given the best tried and true tools and materials to create your cake or painting. These tools and materials are what artists and designers within each industry use in their professions, to get stellar results.

Lastly, Melissa makes it a true priority to be attentive, offer help and describe the entire creation process in a digestible and thorough way for many different types of learners. You will not be left behind or ignored in a Blu Moon class.

Until recently, we have been primarily using Facebook as our home base. Please visit our Facebook page to see lots of photos, reviews and page activity!

Do you absolutely LOVE the paintings we make at Blu Moon Art Studio? Did you know you can get some of the top paintings on things like notebooks, clothing and bags??