Are you looking for an inclusive, valuable and memorable activity for your next event or party?

Painting Parties are an excellent choice, because they can be tailored specifically to your desires!

Perfect Events to have a Painting Party:

  • Birthday

  • FRG Event

  • Girl’s Night Out

  • Date Night

  • Fundraiser

  • Homeschool Event

We offer valuable and inclusive class packages in 6 categories:

Choose from our 3 styles of packages to fit any category above, offering exactly what you need for your event:

  • Classic Packages (all the basics for a painting class)

  • Tasty Packages (Classic Package PLUS 2 snack options, bottled water and 2 bottles of wine/sparkling juice, for your guests)

  • Gratitude Packages (Classic and Tasty Packages PLUS one special raffle gift or painting ticket giveaway, for your guests)

What You Get with the Classic Package Party:

  • 1. Full set up and clean up of the painting area

  • 2. All Materials needed to complete the painting, including aprons to wear and table covers

  • 3. Patient, experienced, step-by-step instruction from a trained artist

What YOU PROVIDE as the Host of a Private Party:

  • Seating for all Guests

  • Tables to seat all the Guests comfortably with enough room to paint

  • A small table or counter for the instructor to teach from

  • Any food or drink you may like

  • A venue reserved/available for the event

  • A trash bag/can for paper items and paint trays

As the Host of a Private Party, you get to tailor your event by CHOOSING:

  • The Location (reserved by you)

  • The Date/Time (verified by the instructor)

  • The painting Imagery (chosen from the Image Gallery or verified through the instructor)

** All Packages are priced to include up to 10 students. Additional seats are available for purchase as an add-on to the base package price. **

Large Group Discount for Private Parties

Any group of 15 or more students will be eligible for a 10% discount on the private class ticket price. All Tickets must be prepaid in one lump sum at least 1 week before the class date to be eligible for the Large Group Discount.

Great experience and wonderful instructor! I booked a private painting session for friends after (class)!
— Holly Bradford, Painting Student

CONTACT MELISSA to discuss your event needs, or simply fill out the form below!

To reserve a private party or event, customers must choose an above package and provide a $50 deposit to claim their spot on the class calendar.

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