Blu Moon Art Studio is a mobile painting class business, which was founded in June 2015.

We provide local public and private Adult, Kid's and Couple's painting classes in the Fort Irwin, CA area. We also work with groups, parties, events and fundraisers.

We are focusing on expanding our Online presence with online classes, blog posts, tutorials and digital kits ! Check out our growing sister site for all of your online beginner painter needs : Painting with Melissa

I absolutly surprised myself at my first painting class! I went in all nervous about what i would actually produce and wow! I can actually paint! I love the step by step help, the conversation with the other amazing women who attend and the confidence that Melissa has in you from the start. I cant wait to do more pictures and hate that i will be leaving soon! Thank you for your great classes, i highly recommend them!
— Victoria Fraser - First Time Blu Moon Student
I have done a lot of classes with Melissa and have loved every minute of them! Melissa is a wonderful person and instructor. she also offers paint at home kits and online downloads. I recommend her 10 out of 10!!
— Suzy Trude - Painting Student

You may be thinking, "What makes Blu Moon any different from the other paint and sip classes I have seen over the years"?

First of all, we want to say that it's Wonderful to hear that you have had interest in supporting the arts. We hope you enjoyed any other classes you have taken, and do believe we have a special something to contribute to your next art adventure.

Melissa, who will be your instructor, is a trained artist, with multiple Fine Art degrees. Some paint and sip teachers have no formal training, which means they may not know certain techniques or special ways to help a student.

But most importantly, Melissa is determined to make sure you feel Supported and Heard during your class. Her main job is to make sure you know what is happening during the class, and have the space to ask any and all questions you may have about the painting process.

So often we have heard that students have felt left behind or left on their own during other paint classes, which leads to a student being upset about their art work because they needed help and didn't receive it. That's not the case when you join Blu Moon.

Melissa also keeps her class sizes down so that she can give adequate attention to each student. She talks constantly through the painting, making sure to describe each step in a couple different ways, to help those of us that learn differently.

Melissa really does care how you Feel during the class, that you learn something new, and that you are proud of your painting when you are finished! Painting takes practice, and Blu Moon takes pride in helping any and all students, even those that have never held a paintbrush before.

Anyone can paint with Blu Moon, it's amazing!

Until recently, we have been primarily using Facebook as our home base. Please visit our Facebook page to see lots of photos, reviews and page activity!

About Melissa

Melissa Fryer is the owner and artist at Blu Moon Art Studio. She earned two Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in 2009, from Truman State University, majoring in Ceramics and Printmaking. 

She has 10+years experience teaching art to students of all ages, with 6 of those years being specifically acrylic painting.

Melissa has experience teaching children ages 6 and up, creating daily class structure and art class curriculum. She has taught summer art camps in St Louis MO and various kid's courses at other institutions. Her experience teaching adults ranges in all levels and ages, from brand new beginners to experienced painters.

Melissa enjoys living in rural locations, with some land for her chickens and beehives. She also enjoys gardening, making soap and many other DIY projects. Her former business was in creating high-end cakes, and she still makes a cake once in a while. Melissa is a mother, stepmother and military spouse ( all REALLY hard jobs!!) Her family is moving every few years with the Army, making a mobile and online class business a better fit for her current lifestyle.

Melissa has recently joined with RedBubble to offer her and her husband's art design up for sale on various goods, like mugs, tote bags, pillows, sketchbooks and more! Check out their awesome goodies below!

Blu Moon Business Biography

Blu Moon Art Studio was founded in June 2015, and is named after Melissa's stepdaughter, Luna Blu.

Melissa is the sole operator for Blu Moon, but does occasionally bring in Kris, her art trained husband, to assist.

Blu Moon has been affiliated with local businesses, shops and city organizations over the last few years. We facilitated many public and private painting events and parties.

We take direct orders for any paintings located in our Gallery or Facebook albums, and these can be shipped.

Blu Moon Art Studio is in the process of expanding into online courses, blogging, tutorials and digital kits! There is still much to do to create great classes and content, we will keep the site up to date with the launch of our first classes.