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Stellar Blu Moon Art Studio Class!


I absolutely surprised myself at my first painting class! I went in all nervous about what I would actually produce and wow! I can actually paint! I love the step by step help, the conversation with the other amazing women who attend and the confidence that Melissa has in you from the start. I can’t wait to do more pictures and hate that I will be leaving soon! Thank you for your great classes, I highly recommend them!
— Victoria Fraser, Beginner Painting Student

Blu Moon currently offers public and private adult classes, kid's classes and couple's classes.

All classes are formulated to be appropriate for beginners, and more experienced painters are always welcome to attend. You can find prices for various classes in our Pricing Guide.

You can find current local classes being offered in our Calendar or in the Events on our Facebook Page. We are currently located at Fort Irwin, California.

We had a wonderful couple’s paint class today. It was easy to follow and we surprised ourselves at the outcome. Great way to learn techniques and get confidence. We plan to attend again. Thanks for the great relaxing time.
— Cecilia Murray, Painting Student

A private paint party can be a wonderful way to celebrate so many different occasions, such as birthdays, group events, holidays, friendly get togethers and more. You get to choose the date, time, location AND painting! Blu Moon offers adult short, regular adult, kid's and couple's private events. We can take a MAXIMUM of 25 students, and a MINIMUM of 6 students.

Private events can be scheduled on an individual basis directly with Blu Moon, requiring at least 6 students to attend and a deposit to hold your date and time. Private party prices per seat are at a reduced rate, prices can be found HERE.

Click here to get more info about setting up your private event!


Contact Blu Moon if you are a business who would like to partner with us and offer paint classes at your venue. We have a payment plan built right into our business model, and can discuss what Blu Moon classes would be like at your venue. We are currently servicing the Fort Irwin, California area.

We also offer this same model to those who are interested in FUNDRAISING. Any group, organization or individual is welcome to set up a class to raise funds for any cause.